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Try-a-sail day at Parkstone Yacht Club.

Jul 3 '14

This weekend we headed to Poole Harbour, to visit Parkstone Yacht Club. The club had agrred to host us for 2 Try-a-sail days where members could come and see the boat, meet the Arbor team, and step on board for a demo sail. From our point of view, as well as getting a chance to show the boat, we also get valuable feedback from a cross section of sailors to put into the continual growth of the design.

Parkstone YC is close to the Harbour entrance, and boasts a fantastic marina and beautiful facilities. We were warmly welcomed at this vibrant club, and loved spending time with the members. We took groups out Saturday and Sunday, in lovely sailing conditions. It was great fun to introduce people to the Arbor 26, allow them to see for themselves how she sailed, and enjoy the time on the water. 

Whilst the demos were great fun, the sail home may have been even better. With two crew we managed Parkstone to Sparkes Marina in Chichester Harbour in just under 8 hours, topping out at 11.5 knots as we surfed our way into the Solent! 

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Parkstone made us very welcome.